Import for promotional companies

Harlequin Trade AB manufactures and imports directly to your client or warehouse. In that sence we are not a traditional wholesaler for promotional items. With many years of experience and knowledge in a wide product field, we can help you and your clients reaching the goal.

vi help merchandising companies

Large quanitites - Best price

Harlequin Trade AB offers competitive pricing at all quantity levels, but our strength is larger quantities. Whether ist's standard products or custom made, you can always be assured of best prices.

Our professional manufacturing and importing skills, help you in offering your the client the best possible promotional items.

Unique and custom made products

One of our specialties is custom made promotional products, specially suited for your customers needs.

We can work from your budget and quality levels and design the product around those demands.

With or without branding

You can choose to order merchandise with print and delivery directly to your client, or order for your own stock for later branding.

Discrete customer service

If you need, we can deliver the orders directly to your client using your packaging. We can also send samples in your packages or envelopes.

Sales help

Harlequin Trade AB would like to build a long term cooperation with our clients., That's why we offer you several tools and services to help you in selling our items.

Quick and correct quotations

We understand how important it is to get quick and correct pricing and delivery details. Both you and your clients will appreciate our fast and correct information. Our staff has a high level of availability and quickly answers your concerns and enquiries.

Large amount of items

We can offer most promotional items, everything from basic giveaways to more advanced electronical items. Our homepage contains only a small amount of the items at offer. Contact us, and we will help you.

Digital catalogs

We can supply you with digital catalogs and fact sheets. You can add your logotype and address when sending to your clients.

After-sales service

We offer contracts and agreements to support your end customers. Both through email and phone. Mostly for electronics and computer accessories.

Product quality and safety

We always deliver products with appropriate safety and quality levels for your market. Our safety and quality staff is always available to answer your and your clients concerns.

Contact us today and let us help you!