Bicycle seat covers are a perfect advertising item. But choosing the right one can be trickier than expected.

The use of bike seat covers has risen over the past years. Seat covers with print has quickly become one of the most popular promotional items. Maybe it's not so strange considering that you get lots of advertising at a low cost.

But the quality and price differences are large, as material, sewing and print affects the price considerably.

Choose the right bike seat rain cover for your budget and needs

Material - PVC or Polyester

The first choice is the material. PVC has a softer feel and available in glossy or matte finish. Bike seat covers in PVC are waterproof and keeps your seat dry. This is generally the most expensive choice.

Polyester, with different qualities such as 190T or 210D, is a more budget conscious choice. This is currently the most popular solution when you need to show your logo or message at a low cost. Polyester can be made more or less water resistant. Read more below.

Nylon is not so common anymore.


For bike covers in PVC, the dense material and welded stitches makes for a waterproof protection.

For polyester there are different methods to make the cover more water resistant. The placement of the stitches and lamination can make a big difference in rain resistancy.

Sadelskydd med tryck


The most common printing methods on seat covers are heat transfer and screen print. If your logo has more colours or is more complicated, we recommend heat transfer print.


The most common model is the wide design. It fits most types of bike seats. But the slim model gives a better look on bike seats of that design.

Custom design

When you need something extra or different details, we can customise the bike seat covers.

If this sounds too much, no problem. Contact us with your budget and needs, and we'll help you choose the right bike seat cover with print.