Produce & import custom made & customised products

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact product you are looking for. Maybe for a new advertising campaign, event or maybe you just need to source a unique product that your competitors don’t have.
Whether you need somebody to help you create and manufacture a product from scratch or customise an already existing item, Harlequin Trade AB can help you. We will provide your company with the product know-how and experience to help you make the right decisions for your product.

We customise and custom make products for retail and promotional purposes

Our items can be found everywhere. From shop shelves and web shops to promotional and advertising items such as giveaways, company gifts and premiums. Whether you are going to sell och give away the item, we can offer you a responsive production and importing process. We help you solve the product puzzle.



Customised products – Bespoke for your needs

We have tailored items for our clients for over 30 years. You can supply your own ideas and examples or you can search for ideas on our homepage. We can make both larger and smaller customisations, we can change logotypes and change colours, sizes, materials, shapes and more. We help change the item to your own unique creation. When you, as a customer, is pleased with the result, we will start the production and logistics process.

Our customised items are perfect as retail och advertising items, campaign products, giveaways, promotional and other premium items. Our sales staff has long experience and knowledge in customising colours, material, patterns, logos and other product development. Contact us and we’ll help you create, customise and produce a unique item for your next campaign.

Custom made items – Create a unique product

We at Harlequin Trade AB would like to call ourselves product experts. We know material, production processes and product assortment. We work in a wide range of areas, and our employees have matching areas of knowledge. This gives us an opportunity to help you in developing unique products. Our clients provide us with ideas, images, drawings or concepts as a starting point. Together with the client, we use the starting point to develop a product. We also work with ODM producers to create unique items for our customers.

When our clients are happy with the result and price, we’ll start the manufacturing. We continuously develop samples and work together with 3rd party quality agents to keep a hiqh level of quality throughout the production. Harlequin Trade AB handles the shipment and importing and makes sure that agreed upon shipping schedules are kept. If you want help in creating a unique product, contact us today.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

Your brand

We understand how important your brand is. When we deliver an item with your brand, we always try to minimize problems and risks. We do appropriate safety tests, mechanical and chemical tests relevant for your market. We also do our best to keep agreed production and delivery dates. No matter if the item is used for reselling or promotional purpose, we always want you to feel comfortable in our handling of your brand. Read about our order process.

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