Reflective items with print 

Manufacturing & import of cheap reflectors

It's important to increase your visibility in the night. By using reflective promotional items with good quality you can ensure a higher visibility. We have a long experience in importing reflectors, slapwraps, safety vests and other reflective items. Most of our items can also be made in 3M material.

We can supply a large selection of reflective products, reflector bracelets, stickers and safety vests.

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About our reflective promotional items with print

We produce and import a wide variety of cheap reflective safety items and other reflective promotional products. Reflectors with print is a perfect advertising item or giveaway. Safety vests and reflective vests offers a higher traffic visibilty, both for kids and adults.
Harlequin Trade AB has over 30 years experience in importing ad manufacturing. Our reflective items are always produced according to the highest quality and lowest price. Our reflectors, slapwraps, promotional reflective items are always produced according to EU standards and regulations.

If you are looking for reflective and safety items, contact us, to let us help you.

Our Reflectors

  • Unbeatable price and quality
  • Import and production of safety reflective items
  • Reliable supplier with over 30 year experience
  • Always prouced according to EU standards