Activity trackers & Stepcounters 

Activity trackers, pedometers, fitness trackers, excercise helpers and stepcounters
  • Fitness tracker

    Activity tracekr with bluetooth function. Tracks and measure burned calories, steps, sleep and more

  • Stepcounter

    Single function pedometer with display.

  • Pedometer

    Pedometer with functions for step count, step distance, weight set, calories count, time display and stopwatch.

  • Pedometer watch

    Wrist pedometer with multiple functions, including clock, stopwatch, calorie, alarm, USB-upload.

  • Pedometer

    Multifunctional pedometer with clip. Battery: AG10 x 1

  • Multi function pedometer

    Multi function pedometer with extra large LCD display. Step/calories/distance functions.

  • Digital pedometer

    Digital pedometer with calorie and distance measurement.

  • Bicycle pedometer

    Bicycle pedometer with large display. Hybrid powered, solar and battery.

  • Stepcounter - 3D

    Elegant and slim designed stepcounter. 3D sensor for more exact measurements. Measures calories, distance and steps. 7 days memory. With 12/24 h clock.

  • Pedometer card

    Multifunctional pedometer card. Calculates distance walked, calories burned and steps. Counts steps accurately at a 360 degree direction. With clock and stopwatch. Thin design with optional lanyard and large imprint area for logo or artwork. Battery: 1 x

  • Step counter with panic alarm

    Panic Alarm Stepcounter. Step, calories, clock, distance, stop watch and alarm. Pull panic alarm to emit loud sound. Battery: 2 X CR2016 and 1 X AG10

  • Step counter with heart rate

    Stepcounter which measures heart rate. Counts steps, calories and distance. Time display, stopwatch and heart rate monitor. 1 X AG10 battery.

  • 360 Step counter

    360 degrees step counter. Counts steps, distance and calories. Counts steps accurately at a 360 degree direction, can leave inside backpack, handbag or pocket. Clock and stopwatch. Comes with lanyard and detachable belt clip. Big display for easy readout.

  • Pedometer

    Multifunctional pedometer with stepcounting fuction, distance and calorie measurment. Designed in black and brushed aluminium. Large display and belt clip. 1 X AG13 battery.

  • Pedometer

    Multifunctional pedometer with stepcounting fuction, distance and calorie measurment. Large display and belt clip. 1 X AG13 battery.

  • Solar powered pedometer

    Solar pedometer with large logo area. Calorie and distance detector. With clip. Powered by solar and batteries.

  • Solar powered pedometer

    Solar pedometer with large transparent logo area. Calorie and distance detector. With clip. Powered by solar and batteries.

  • Logo pedometer

    Pedometer with large area for logo print. With calorie and distance counter.

  • Stepcounter - Design your own

    Design your own Stepcounter / pedometer. Do you want your product, character or logo as a stepcounter? We can do it according to your artwork or product picture. In soft silicone material with rubber-like feel.

  • Pedometer with Body Fat Analyzer

    Pedometer with body fat analyzer and alarm.

  • Basic stepcounter

    Basic stepcounter with distance measure with km/miles. G13 x 1 battery.

  • Stepcounter with flashlight

    Digital stepcounter with LED flashlight. Distance measure with km/miles. G13 x 1+ G3 x 3 batteries.

  • Multi-functional pedometer

    Multi-Functional pedometer with step counter, calorie and distance. Battery: 1 x AG13 (Included)

  • Stepcounter

    Stepcounter in modern design. 1 x AG10 battery (included)

  • USB multifunctional pedometer

    USB multifunctional pedometer Features: Step counter, distance counter, calorie consumption counter Time display USB connected to PC to analyze results. 1x CR2032 battery

  • Dog stepcounter

    Dog pedometer with stepcounter and excercise functions. Can also calculate the excercise time for the dog.

  • Clip pedometer

    Clip pedometer with printable logo are. Power: 1.5V DC (1 PCS LR-44 Button Cell)

  • Foldable stepcounter

    Stepcounter in transparent plastic foldable case. Power: 1.5V DC (1 LR-1130 button cell)