• We listen to your ideas Together with our clients, we start the project

    We listen to your ideas

  • Feedback during production We don\'t start the production until samples are approved by you

    Feedback during production

  • Full inspection & testing We test and inspect the good before shipping

    Full inspection & testing

  • safe logistics and shipping We offer safe shipping and logistics

    safe logistics and shipping

  • Delivery on your terms We offer flexible delivery schedules, always on your terms

    Delivery on your terms

  • Products that makes you proud We deliver agreed upon products, in time for your campaign

    Products that makes you proud

Order to delivery

When you let us handle your products, we'll do it from idea to delivery. This is how it's done.

Contact & Discussion

Together with our clients we commence a starting discussion where we listen to your needs, demands and wishes. We look at examples, drawings, samples and products. Budget and deadline concerns help us focus the discussion.


Preproduction & Mass production

After the beginning discussions and order we start the preproduction. You will receive preproduction samples and images to be approved by you. If something is not perfect we will produce new samples. After approval we start the mass production.


Inspections & Testing

Depending on your needs and wishes, we will test before, during and after manufacturing. Everything to ensure high quality and that your items adhere to the current rules and regulations.


Packing & Loading

When the goods is approved and inspected, we start packing and loading to prepare for the import. No matter if the transport is by air och sea freight, we make sure the containers and cartons are correctly dimensioned. All too ensure that the goods arrive in the correct condition.


Sea, Air & Land

We commence transport and logistics. Whether the importing will happen via flight, sea or land, Harlequin Trade AB keeps close attention to avoid delays and problems. After unloading and customs, we deliver the goods directly to your or your client’s warehouse.


Products that makes you proud

Our aim is always to deliver items that you can be proud of. Your campaigns can start, your warehouse and shop shelves and be restocked. We look forward to continuing cooperation!