Environment and social accountability


We are connected to El-kretsen and REPA
Electrical and Electronic Equipment

 Harlequin Trade AB is affiliated with El-kretsen AB and thereby takes responsibility in accordance with the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Equipment. All collected electrical and electronic appliances are treated according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

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Packaged goods

Harlequin Trade AB takes responsibility for packaged goods.


  • ensure that a collection system exists, through which customers and other end consumers can return used packaging
  • ensure that customers receive the information they need about the collection of used packaging
  • ensure that collected packaging is recovered, recycled and put to good use as either new raw material or energy.

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Social responsibility

Healthy and safe working conditions

We always do our best to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment in our supplier factories. On customer demand we can provide supplier assurance on Health and Safety, Compensation, Freedom of association and Discrimination.