About us

Manufacturing and import

Founded in 1985, Harlequin Trade has over 30 years of experience in trading, manufacturing and importing.

We have supplied many of the largest companies in UK, Scandinavia, continental Europe and North America with give-away items, promotional merchandise, premium gift items and other goods. We have an extensive knowledge and experience of Asia import, custom-made products and item sourcing. Our suppliers are located all over Asia from China, Vietnam and Hong Kong to India and Pakistan.


Our main office is located in the south of Sweden with close connections to the European continent. We also keep a liaison office in Hong Kong. We are constantly looking for new and interesting products and suppliers and travel extensively through the South East Asian region to visit trade fairs and exhibitions. Through the years we have built an extensive network of connections which we use to help our clients for the sourcing, pricing and importing needs.


Our clients come from a wide range of industries including Publishing, Mail order, Financial, Food & Beverage, Advertising and Health & Beauty. Harlequin Trade has clients from almost all European countries, UK and Scandinavia.


Harlequin Trade always provides products in accordance with EU regulation directives and standards concerning safety and health. These standards include chemical, electrical and mechanical regulations.

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